Read what students have to say about Katya and Yoga Tree Studio:

Testimonials from a Yoga Holiday to Greece

Katya and Carly are the natural dream team you always wish for as yoga teachers on a retreat! Their well grounded,  meaningful yet light-hearted approach to teaching  and their deep knowledge and love of the practice is infectious. With complementing styles of both yin and yang  asanas and their skillful attention given to every class left us stronger, more flexible and definitely more relaxed in every way by the end of the week.  Simply put…Katya and Carly make you feel wonderful!

Andrea & Charles, Kent, UK

What a fabulous week I had on the Yoga holiday on the beautiful island of Ithaca. Every element was perfect to me – the location, the food, the organisation but especially the Yoga. At 4 hours of yoga a day I thought it might be a bit much but Carly and Katya’s classes were a delight. They were beautifully put together and balanced. My love for Yoga only increased and their passion was certainly passed on. Both teachers are brilliant at what they do and they are able to convey the essence of the Yoga discipline in a wonderfully supportive way – no talking down or making anyone feel inadequate. I have practiced Yoga for many years (my first teacher being my Dad when I was very small!) and I can honestly say that I have never come across such positive, high quality and caring teaching. Keep it up girls!

Julie, Lake District

Testimonials from group classes


Hi Katya
I must say how much I have learnt and enjoyed your yoga lessons. As you know I had never done Yoga before and although I have only had a few sessions with you, those sessions have made such a positive difference to my life. I am much more aware of my body and I am now more likely to identify stresses and alter my posture or stretch and change my breath accordingly. I am so encouraged by this and I am looking forward to learning more. You are hidden gem and I want more people to find you.
Carol C., Whitstable

Thought I would just drop you an email whilst it is fresh in my head. I just wanted to say thanks and to share with you what I have got out of the classes. I’m really enjoying your classes and I’m getting a lot out of them physically and mentally (its taken me by surprise to be honest)! And I’m looking forward to taking on level 2! I’m finding yoga compliments my surfing and has some similarities which I can apply and relate to both. So yeah it was just a thanks and I’m super pleased I found your class! My ongoing back issues have subsided somewhat too which is amazing, I’ve not had a flare up once during the entire time I have been attending your class! One week we did lower back and hips and my back felt the best it felt in years afterwards (I’ve had a bad back for 20 years). I love the fact that the classes are small, friendly and personal.
Steve E., Designer

I have been going to The Yoga Tree studio with Katya for over a year. The faculties, the setting and the atmosphere is prefect for enjoying Yoga. The class I attend (Monday night Yin and Yang) is best for someone who has some background in Yoga but Katya’s encouraging and calm approach will develop all levels of practice.
The classes seem effortless in their delivery but that’s due to the work and structure put in before to allow the class to flow. All aspects have been considered which allows the students to relax and focus just on their practice.
Every week is different, building on the previous postures, and delivered in a calm manner with clear instructions so you can let go of worry about what comes next.
I particularly like the attention to the spiritual side of my pratice, again the unhurried approach allows time to find stillness and just enjoy being present.
My week is not complete without my yoga class.
Breda Pooke

“Finding Katya at Yoga Tree Studio you get  far more than a yoga session. It is a lesson in anatomy, biology, spirituality, and the cultural, historical background to the practice of yoga. Katya tells us the tiniest details and facts about what is happening in our bodies physically and emotionally when we move in certain poses. Her knowledge is inspiring and yes my yoga has improved immensely but I have also learnt so much about the anatomy of the body. Katya’s classes have broadened my awareness of how practicing yoga can benefit you far more than just being able to hold a certain pose. The tranquil setting and calm studio space enables you to go on a retreat for an hour and a half each week in one of Katya’s classes.”

Katie Welsford, Complimentary therapist

Katya is a gifted teacher. She perfectly balances spirituality and movement and her classes are gentle, yet powerful and transformative. She creates an ideal, nurturing space with plenty of encouragement and a clear description of postures and movement. For me personally your teaching has initiated an important turning point in my life by allowing changes to happen from the inside. You are an exceptional teacher and I thank you for sharing this gift with us.

Gayle S., Osteopath, Owner of Hawley Health Centre

I was extremely fortunate to have the Yoga Tree Studio recommended to me, and started as a complete beginner. To gain confidence I had one to one sessions, and then joined a beginners class. Katya is a wonderful and naturally talented teacher who is friendly and welcoming. Her love of yoga is infectious. She gives clear instructions and individual help where needed. Different elements in each session keep the class interesting and challenging.
The studio is spacious, warm, clean and well equipped, and is set in lovely surroundings.
I always look forward to Katya’s classes, and leave feeling relaxed, calm and happy.
I have benefited more than I could have anticipated, both physically and mentally.

Sue, Margate

I had been looking for a yoga class for a while and was recommended to Katya at Yoga Tree Studio.
I started as a complete beginner with little knowledge of yoga and what to expect.
The studio is set in lovely, peaceful surroundings and you feel that you can leave the world behind for a while.
Katya is a fantastic teacher, her class is easy to follow because she gives such clear instructions and is always on hand to help you, if needed.
I really look forward to my Tuesday morning class and leave with a feeling of calm within me but also re-energised. Physically I am feeling much stronger.

Laura, Birchington

Email from a student who’s moving away:

I wanted you to know just how gutted I am that finally after finding the BEST yoga studio in the area and only being able to do two seasons, that your classes inspired me to move from a stressful role to a non stress role and to move back home where my friends and family are. So thank you very much for the fantastic way in which your classes have helped me and I am looking into a new yoga group already near my new home. I wish you all the very best in your yoga studio and hope everyone appreciates the hard work you put into it to make it work.

Stephen S.

Katya’s classes are the real thing. Her beautiful yoga studio is dedicated to yoga only and she’s thought of everything. Through her carefully-designed classes, she assists students in their personal journey through the wonderful practice of yoga.

I would recommend Katya to anyone who wants to learn with a safe, respectful and professional teacher.

Felicia, Westgate

I was lucky enough to find Yoga Tree Studio and Katya. The tuition is great, as we are encouraged in our practice but told to only go as far as our bodies can. Katya is a fantastic teacher, very calm and knowledgable. The studio itself is beautiful, warm and welcoming and spotlessly clean. There are loads of props available to help in our practice. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Carol B., Birchington

Testimonials from workshops

What an amazing workshop you led! You are a complete natural. You made us all feel safe, welcome and at ease. Everything from layout, space, smell, speed, talking, silence, asana, cake….. It was all perfect. I really enjoyed the morning. Your regular students are so lucky to have you as their teacher. I mean it.

Carly H, Yoga Teacher  

Hi Katya, thank you so much for the day retreat. It was such a lovely day, I really enjoyed it. The food was delicious, you worked very hard and it was much appreciated! I can’t think of anything to suggest to improve the day, unless you can find a way of slowing time, as it went far too quickly! Thank you again.



Thank you for a wonderful workshop today. You provide the perfect space to unwind and focus on yoga. I love your studio!

You are an excellent teacher – mindful and attentive and I would love to work with you to help me stay on a healthy path!

Fliss, Homeopath, Birchington