Weekend Workshop

Yoga for Scoliosis

with Narelle Carter-Quinlan

 Scoliosis Exercises

18th – 19th May 2019

£160 for the weekend, lunch is not included, but there will be plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits

10:00 – 12:30 morning class

12:30 – 14:00 break for lunch

14:00 – 16:30 afternoon class

I’m very honoured and excited to be hosting Narelle for a weekend workshop on yoga for scoliosis. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from her, while she is touring Europe, all the way from Australia. This is a 2 day workshop and in order to gain the most benefit, you need to attend both days. Spaces are limited to 12 participants, which will enable Narelle to give individual attention to all students. 

About the Workshop

Your spine is a long curving river. Within the experience of asymmetry, and indeed, in all spinal terrains, it is important to sense the course of the river, the riverbanks, the surrounding country. To encounter the inflow of the tributaries of the limbs, and observe their impact on the course of the river-spine.

In this unique Workshop, we will explore the felt experience of asymmetry (however subtle), in the midline of the body. Through careful sensing, you will be invited to know the country and topography of your back as felt, known place. We will investigate the ways in which the active use of the limbs can inform and modify this landscape, generating more easeful energetic flow through the spine as your central, functional axis. A place of cohesion and resilience, fluidity and strength. Through conscious acknowledgement of the organic body and the embryological pathways of both the limbs and spine itself, we will offer your body fresh choices in finding its natural state of grace, balance and ease. Expect to come away with playful, yet deep, enquiries that will ignite your curiosity about your spine in the practice of yogasana.

About Narelle

Narelle Carter-Quinlan is a global leading exponent on yoga for scoliosis. She is the only yoga teacher in the Southern Hemisphere to specialise in yoga for the asymmetric spine. An Anatomist by formal academic training and research, Narelle has taught yoga for scoliosis and Backcare in New York City, San Fransisco, throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and of course in her native Australia. A photographer, writer, and dancemaker, her work seeks to offer the yoga practitioner important kinaesthetic information through image and metaphor, transforming and healing the yogi’s relationship with the body-land and our greater ecology. She slow travels as a chosen way of life

Note: this Workshop is suitable for students with a minimum of six months consistent yoga practice, up to Teacher level. It is not suitable for those working with acute spinal injury or pathology. Students with back pain are very welcome, with or without spinal asymmetry. In essence, this is a Workshop for anyone with a spine, who delights in the practice of yoga!

IMG_1463.jpgWhat is Scoliosis

This can be a somewhat tricky question! Essentially, a scoliosis is an asymmetry within the spine, as a three dimensional expression. Sometimes simply referred to as ‘curvature’ of the spine, scoliosis weaves its path through the three cardinal planes of the body’s terrain; (through front to back- travelling the sagittal plane, from side to side – in the coronal or frontal plane, and horizontally – the ‘twist’, within the transverse plane). Think of it as a lateral curve, with a rotary component, often with a increased lordosis or kyphosis (as the case may be). Like the landscape itself, each scoliotic spine and its ecology are unique.

I’m often asked the ‘difference’ between a structural versus a functional curve. Simply stated, a structural curve is within the bony architecture itself. Yet all such curves have their ‘functional’ voice. Perhaps as genesis. Perhaps as effect. Perhaps both. A functional asymmetry, (perhaps arising from the way one inhabits, or uses, their physicality), will, given time and given continued asymmetric use, (and or course, in ubiquitous gravity), generally evolve to a ‘structural’ asymmetry. Form follows use.

The song of the scoliotic spine is not limited to the bony form. Impact echoes over to respiratory function, cardiopulmonary exercise effects, balance, and kinesthetic impact, imbalances and facilitation within the nervous and fluid field system, to name a few.

Listen to Narelle’s beautiful free audio meditations:

Headphones or ear buds work best but are not necessary.

  • Orienting in Space – 5 minutes


  • Holding a Human Vertebra – 9 minutes


  • The Fluid Field – 6 minutes


  • A Walking Meditation – 4.5 minutes


  • Breathing – 7.5 minutes


  • Sensing the Spine – 10 minutes


  • Article on “Scoliosis Exercises”


Images and text by Narelle Carter-Quinlan.

For more information about Narelle’s work visit her website www.embodiedterrain.com

To book your place Contact Katya

To secure your place, non-refundable deposit of £50 is required upon booking. The balance is due no later than 1st of May 2019. If booking after the 1st of May, the full amount is required upon booking. You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. Details given on booking.

If you need any help finding accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact Katya.